My session style is not high protocol. I tend to be polite in sessions. I see it as meeting of desires. Your desire to submit and my desire to nurture your submission.

I like to use please and thank you and love it when it is used. “Please present your hands” – as I encircled them in leather cuffs. “Please turn around” – as I lock the cuffs behind your back. You can see yourself in the mirror as my hands reach around you to pinch your nipples. Your desire to submit to me plain to see. A thank you Ms Vedra will suffice here.  

I might now hobble your legs now and attach a nose leash to guide you around – “Please follow me”. “Thank you, such a good slave”.

And if my politeness and manners do not get the desired outcome I am proficient with the cane to ensure compliance.

I do not judge your fantasies or desires and if they are something I am interested in or able to accomplish with my skill sets I will do so. If your interests are outside my skill sets I am happy to recommend other professionals who may be better suited to you or have a senior Mistress present for the session.

My aim in sessions is to ensure both of us leave the space with experiences that have enriched us.